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Are You Enjoying Your City’s Region?

There is a community in Providence that takes full advantage of the city’s proximity to the sea. All too often, I am lucky to get a call at 5:00 AM from someone in the group who is heading down for a pre-work surf. Getting two hours worth of surfing in before hitting the office at 9 AM makes living in Providence special. My question to you on this Friday evening is how are you going to enjoy your city’s regional amenities this weekend?

A big thanks to friends Damian Ewens and Stephanie Ewens for producing and editing the above film. I am looking forward to shooting more of these experimental films this spring (hopefully in warmer water). Also featured in the film is Clay Rockefeller and Carter Blackwell… they kept the pace for the paddle while I brought up the rear. You can find out more about Providence Dawn Patrol here and the Get Lively Experiment here.

Now get out there and enjoy your city’s region! Have a nice weekend.

Objectified Movie Premiere in Providence Tonight

objGary Hustwit’s latest film, Objectified, is being premiered in Providence tonight. His last film, Helvetica, did wonders for typography. We are lucky enough to have convinced Gary to make the trip up from NYC for tonights premiere. It will be interesting to discuss his views on consumer culture, the complicated relationships of our manufactured world and how design could help improve the whole mess.

There are a limited amount of tickets still available. Order tickets HERE. Join us for a great party after the film being thrown by CONCENTRIC.

CONCENTRIC started with an idea that good things happen when different industries get to know one another. Providence, and Rhode Island as a whole, has a unique ecosystem of creative, tech-related, and innovative organizations. CONCENTRIC, using simple events, has tried to connect these local groups. Its been a great success, and we are just beginning to look at how we can develop new tools for this integrated & local approach to economic development. Stay tuned.

A big thanks to the IDSA and Hasbro for making the showing of Objectified possible. Let me know how you enjoyed the film?

“Smallest State Grapples With Oversize Problems” in NYTimes

Thanks to Jack Templin & Andy Cutler, I had the pleasure of speaking with Abby Goodnough & Katie Zezima while they were writing this article for the New York Times. When thinking about the massive unemployment & economic strife in the State I am drawn to the quote “he loves the state’s beauty and its quirkiness”. How can we leaverage Rhode Islands’ under appreciated assets? Size? Geography? Tradition?

Beauty is certainly one of them. The Creative Class is drawn to beautiful places with layers of local flavor or “quirkiness”. Why would talented college students, such as those from RISD or Brown, want to stay in Providence after graduation? What would attract talent from other regions? What helps Providence compete with other cities on the Northeast? Perhaps investing in projects that enhance the civic beauty of the states’ built and natural environment will aid in retaining and attracting talent.

My friend’s over at The Biggest Little feel its worth the move to Providence.

Relocating American Dreams

This past weekend I was part of the… expert… team that relocated American Dreams by Gillian Christy from the Arsenal Center for the Arts to South County, Rhode Island. It was amazing seeing this sculpture move from a urban to forest setting in a matter of hours. Luke Randall was kind enough to give this sculpture a home for several months before it makes a move again to Boone, NC for Gillian’s upcoming show starting May 1st.