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Thoughts on Providence from Nail Communications

My friend Matt Grigsby is shooting interviews around Providence this fall for the Foundation. The first few in the series are available here with more on the way soon. I felt compelled to share the interview of Alec, from Nail Communication. Not only does he have some great things to say about Providence, but the video gives you a glimpse of their offices that I helped design and build last year.

Crafting a Vision for Providence in 2030

The Providence Foundation convened a group of the city’s young leaders to draft a 2030 vision for Downtown. I was happy to present the first draft of this vision to the Trustees of the Foundation on July 15, 2009 with the help of Mary-Kim Arnold and Matt Grigsby. We are shooting to publish the final 2030 Vision in October. If you are interested in some ideas about how this vision could be implemented come check out my talk at Pecha Kucha this Wednesday. Please comment on this post if you have any feedback on the 2030 vision. Its a work in progress.

Visit providencedowntown.com for more information. If you know of any similar 2030 visioning efforts taking place in other cities or regions please let me know via comments. Thanks!


The video is hard to see the slides at times, please reference the slides below.

Crafting a Vision for Providence in 2030

The Providence Foundation invited me to be a part of the group crafting a 2030 vision for the city. The final document will be completed in July. However, the tag cloud below illustrates some emerging trends of the vision. I have become increasingly more interested in what this local group could accomplish in 6 to 12 months as opposed to 21 years.