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We Need More Authenticity

When you hear the word authentic what comes to mind?

My fear is that most people will not picture the beautiful places, unique products or innovative practices their travels have brought them upon.  Unfortunately, they will think of all the fakes.  There are those things out there that using slight of hand or stucco covered foam want us to believe they are real, or are of quality and actually possess the mystical characteristics that add true value.  Why are we still spending so much of our day making these inauthentic things?

In a time when a dollar means more to everyone I just do not see how there is room for bogus efforts.  Throughout history authentic places, products and practices have seemed to improve their value over time.  I am guessing the new economy will require that all of our creations hold their long term value.  I could not be more happy about this because fakes can never be as good as originals.


Cafe Satan