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How to Grow Sustainably in New England

My friend Kara Wilbur shared this list with me. We are working on expanding the list of challenges with the hopes that we can have a good conversation about them at the Sustainable Urbanism Summit in April. 
How to grow sustainably? Problems we face in New England when it comes to meeting this challenge?
1.  Preparing for Transit-Oriented neighborhoods.
How can New England towns prepare themselves so when new public transit connections arrive, new development will be in the form of neighborhoods, rather than free-range parking. 

2.  Planning for Wind Power
How can companies trying to promote wind power find the right places for wind farms, not only from the perspective of wind, but from the perspective of NIMBYs.

3.  Retrofitting Sprawl
How can New England towns promote the best kind of new development – infill of dying strip malls.

4.  Retrofitting arterials
How can New England towns work the DOT in order to promote context sensitive roadway design and the redesign of car-oriented arterials into pedestrian-friendly avenues and boulevards.

5.  Building new neighborhood streets.
What tools and methods can be used for building new neighborhood streets in towns trying to increase street connections across multiple parcels with different ownership.

6.  Parking Plans for Growing Towns
How can towns economically build public parking garages in towns that are growing, but face a parking challenge because of geographic constraints.