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What is Innovation City

There are some incredibly smart people working on making Boston a more innovative city. David Hacin is one of those people who I have had the lucky opportunity to work with in recent months. David’s office produced this nice video in conjunction with last month’s Architecture Boston. David was the guest editor.

I keep coming back to the core idea that a city’s civic spaces and transit served housing has to be top notch to continue to attract the classes of people that make new ideas happen. It seems that #placemaking , or the creation of engaging destinations, activities and uses that these creative folks find desirable in a place, will become even more important as cities continue to compete for talent.

On a related note, +Ian Rasmussen spent a week with me in Boston recently to kick off a project were are working on that is exploring how existing places can leverage their infrastructure in new ways to spur innovation. More on that later. Enjoy the video.

Successful Concentric

Last night’s concentric showed off Providence’s first net-zero energy building. The interest in this unique project brought folks from all sectors and industries together. With our goal for Concentric being to break down silos and encouraging collaborative innovation, this event was clearly a success. We are looking to hold another Concentric at the Black Rep later this winter. Stay tuned for more details.

“Formerly a jewelry factory built in 1890 which became an electronics supply warehouse in 1941, the building has undergone a complete transformation at Jacobson’s hand, to become the first and only commercial building in the state to be fully self-sustainable, powering its total energy needs from its own energy sources.”