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“Smallest State Grapples With Oversize Problems” in NYTimes

Thanks to Jack Templin & Andy Cutler, I had the pleasure of speaking with Abby Goodnough & Katie Zezima while they were writing this article for the New York Times. When thinking about the massive unemployment & economic strife in the State I am drawn to the quote “he loves the state‚Äôs beauty and its quirkiness”. How can we leaverage Rhode Islands’ under appreciated assets? Size? Geography? Tradition?

Beauty is certainly one of them. The Creative Class is drawn to beautiful places with layers of local flavor or “quirkiness”. Why would talented college students, such as those from RISD or Brown, want to stay in Providence after graduation? What would attract talent from other regions? What helps Providence compete with other cities on the Northeast? Perhaps investing in projects that enhance the civic beauty of the states’ built and natural environment will aid in retaining and attracting talent.

My friend’s over at The Biggest Little feel its worth the move to Providence.