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Can Providence Create Complete Streets?


Frequently riding my bike around Providence I have determined that yes the city can create complete streets. I see all of the “systems” and “facilities” being installed in bigger cities. like New York and Amsterdam, and wonder if there isn’t a simpler way.  Can the streets of a city be designed in a form that gives equal footing to all modes of transportation?

How we go about making this transition in Providence is an entirely different conversation that I hope to start this weekend. Friend, colleague and fellow editor of Living Urbanism, Mike Lydon will be stopping in Providence over the next two days.  I am hoping to learn a few things from him about bicycle planning and complete street development while showing him around our, more or less, bikeable city.

Mike was also nice enough to agree to pull together a presentation on the best practices of bicycle planning and livable streets development being given on Monday, 10/28, at 11 AM.  Check out the facebook event for more info.

For more information on Mike Lydon click here and reserve a copy of his upcoming book, Smart Growth Manual, written with Andrés Duany and Jeff Speck.

(photo by Providence Public Library)

Additional Bike Hitches for Downtown Providence

View Providence Bike Rack Locations in a larger map
91 additional bike hitches will be installed in Downtown Providence! Hopefully, more convenient parking for bikes will mean more people riding downtown instead of driving. Over the last several months I have been working with the good people at the Providence Foundation and the Downtown Improvement District to help make this possible. RIDOT needs to be thanked as well for kicking in 27 of them. The hitches will not be installed for Bike to Work Day on May 15th, but that shouldn’t stop you from riding into the office that day. If you happen to know of another good spot for a bike hitch that is currently not shown on the map above please add it here. We are hoping to expand the program and bring more hitches to other parts of Providence.