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An Essay on Civic Beauty

I published an essay on Civic Beauty and Placemaking over on the Living Urbanism blog. The idea for this essay came from the last year or so of experience working on Great Kennedy Plaza in Providence. During this project, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Fred and Ethan Kent from Project for Public Spaces. Their unique ability to understand and observe a public space is a skill I hope to one day enjoy as well. Much can be learn from PPS and their process.

I was also inspired by the writing of Camillo Sitte. It seems the idea of artistically created public space is still a difficult pill to swallow for most city officials. Its strange because I feel it an obvious connection for most to make when they are deciding on a vacation… “let’s go some place beautiful”. Shouldn’t all of our built environment be beautiful?

You can find the essay here. You can also find a nice extend comment on the essay by my friend Wayne Franklin here. The printed edition of this volume of Living Urbanism should be available early next week.