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Objectified Movie Premiere in Providence Tonight

objGary Hustwit’s latest film, Objectified, is being premiered in Providence tonight. His last film, Helvetica, did wonders for typography. We are lucky enough to have convinced Gary to make the trip up from NYC for tonights premiere. It will be interesting to discuss his views on consumer culture, the complicated relationships of our manufactured world and how design could help improve the whole mess.

There are a limited amount of tickets still available. Order tickets HERE. Join us for a great party after the film being thrown by CONCENTRIC.

CONCENTRIC started with an idea that good things happen when different industries get to know one another. Providence, and Rhode Island as a whole, has a unique ecosystem of creative, tech-related, and innovative organizations. CONCENTRIC, using simple events, has tried to connect these local groups. Its been a great success, and we are just beginning to look at how we can develop new tools for this integrated & local approach to economic development. Stay tuned.

A big thanks to the IDSA and Hasbro for making the showing of Objectified possible. Let me know how you enjoyed the film?

Concentric @ Keeseh Studio in Hope Artiste Village

Concentric @ Keeseh PosterFriday, June 19th, 2009
7:00 – 10:00 PM
Direction click here.

Rhode Island has a unique ecosystem of creative, tech-related and non-profit organizations. We decided to connect these groups over a party. Concentric is a night of fun and mingling with people you haven’t met yet (or maybe don’t even know exist). The name Concentric is a reference to our goal of aligning the unique social circles which exist in Rhode Island. Drinks are on us thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. The more, the merrier so feel free to bring yourself and your friends!

A Better (Local) World by Design

The Better World by Design Conference ended a few days ago. The event has had me thinking about how local problems can be solved with better design. It was tremendously inspiring to see what several of the speakers, such as Iqbal Quadir, Aliza Peleg and Cameron Sinclair, are implementing in third world countries. How can we apply similiar techniques to Providence, and, for that matter, to an “over-developed” country?

On Sunday, I was part of a panel on Sustainable Architecture with Jonathan Knowles, Josef Mittlemann and Thomas Gardner. The discussion was quite good. A question kept coming up during the discussion which worth repeating. Why is urbanism not focused on more as a solution to climate change? I am planning on writing some more on this in a future post, stay tuned.

A Better World by Design Conference

Brown & RISD’s “A Better World by Design” conference is coming up this weekend. It will be great to hear Camron Sinclair, from Architecture for Humanity, speak. I am giving a tour of Downtown Providence Saturday and will be on the Sustainable Architecture panel Sunday. You can follow the conference blog here. Quite a green weekend ahead.