Tactical Urbanism: The Official Guide Now Available

After many months of work, the 2nd edition of Tactical Urbanism is complete. A big thanks to Mike Lydon for inviting me to contribute to the effort. If you have an interest in placemaking or improving your community I would recommend you give a few of these tactics a try. The Atlantic Monthly summarized the wisdom collected in this guide nicely:

The tactics in the guide are those that have gone through this process. They’ve had enough iterations in sometimes very different places to know what works and how to maneuver through the realities of municipal governance to make something stick.

If your community is in the process of deploying some Tactical Urbanism please let me know in the comments. Work on the 3rd edition is already underway.

I would also like to thank Ellen Dunham-Jones for bringing me down to Georgia Tech as a guest critic. The work I saw from the Tech architecture students was inspirational. Ellen’s studio focused on helping Lethonia, a small town East of Atlanta, with their redevelopment plans. What was exceptional about the studio’s approach to this task was that they crafted not only a long term, visionary, proposal for the town, but also implemented several Tactical Urbanism interventions. The resulting excitement from tactics are captured in the video above. This effort has confirmed my assumption that long term plans are more believable if they are coupled with short term action.

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