Creating a More Liveable City – Pecha Kucha Presentation

How can a city become more creative? Providence is rebranding itself as the Creative Capital. Sure there are quite a few artists and creative people here already, but shouldn’t this campaign be more then just graphics and websites? Shouldn’t the city be investing in the creation of quality public spaces that attract even more creative people? If we are to truly be the Creative Capital, we need to figure out how we can use our urban landscape better. I presented a few of these ideas at the last Pecha Kucha in Providence.

More on making liveable cities later this weekend. If you are interested in art, sculpture and public art you should check out Gillian Christy’s talk from the same night.

One thought on “Creating a More Liveable City – Pecha Kucha Presentation

  1. Carmen

    Hi Russ,

    Nice presentation. I hope your ideas will turn Providence into a more beautiful and livable place. Best wishes on this informative website.

    Carmen Rivera

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